This paper investigates how the concept of DevOps is implemented in IT departments. In the last two decades, information system development is increasingly agile and oriented to react quickly to unforeseen changes in environments. Nevertheless, there still exists a gap between the important activities of planning, developing, testing, deploying etc. within the software delivery process. Through implementing the DevOps concept, interruptions between the several stages of the software development process can be avoided. The findings of this paper are based on a case study with five companies, whereas assimilation of innovation stages is applied to examine the use and implementation of DevOps within IT departments. The results provide information about the several assimilation stages that are used by DevOps teams. The teams achieved different levels of innovation assimilation, independent from the time their organization decided to work DevOps-oriented. Additionally, the paper provides implications of how companies can realize cross-functional DevOps teams in their IT organizations.