Tourism propels the growth of a country’s economy and gives rise to other service industries such as accommodation, food and beverages, retail trade, and transportation industries. With trends in travel and tourism pointing to tourists seeking novelty experience according to TripAdvisor, the objective of this paper is to identify factors influencing the intentions of tourists to a destination, taking into account the characteristics of tourists, by means of a systematic literature review (SLR). Collectively, 17 factors were identified from a total of 77 studies. Satisfaction, destination attraction, and loyalty are the three most investigated factors, while perceived behaviour control, psychological well-being, and religious are the three least investigated factors that affect the behavioural intentions of tourists to a destination. This SLR is instrumental in later part of the research in discovering whether there exist differences between a model developed based on factors identified via content analysis with a model discovered upon mining of data. The coalesced perspective of content analysis and data mining is essential in serving as a guide to practitioners or destination marketing organisation (DMO) in the formulation of marketing strategies to promote tourism destinations in accordance with their intended audience.