The Influence of Shadow Information Technology Systems on Enterprise Architecture Management Concerns

Melanie Huber, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Stephan Zimmermann, BITCO³ GmbH Brauneggerstr. 55, 78462 Konstanz
Christopher Rentrop, HTWG Konstanz
Carsten Felden, TU-Bergakademie Freiberg


Shadow information technology systems (SITS) coexist with formal enterprise systems in organisations. SITS result in various risks but also increase flexibility of business units. Ideally, Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) controls all IT systems in an organization. However, practice shows that SITS emerge nevertheless. Studies describe a general influence of SITS on EAM, but neither the specific areas of this influence nor approaches to address them. We use a literature review to analyse examples of practical SITS and their interference with granular EAM activities, so-called EAM concerns. Thus, we find that they hinder especially transparency, reduction of EA complexity and governance. Research has focused on achieving transparency, governing the evolution of the EA but lacks strategies for reducing complexity. This study contributes to research and practice by uncovering the main influencing areas of SITS on EAM, as well as by laying a foundation for future research on this topic.