With the growth of mobile advertising, in-app advertising has become the next revolution in online advertising. However, most of the studies that are conducted on online advertising cannot be applied directly to understand the in-app advertising; for that, we need specific and targeted research. Following this research gap, in this study, we look at inapp advertisement effect on mobile user behavior in respect to its ad features namely, ad size, ad position, and ad vividness. Also, we study how meta-motivations moderate the effect of vividness on the user intentions. Our hypotheses are developed to analyze how ad features will achieve the actual product knowledge and perceived ad diagnosticity and then how they lead to the actual ad accessibility. The model will be tested using data from a laboratory experiment. This study is one of the pioneer studies that examine the role of user interaction effect on mobile ad features. The study will contribute to enhancing the goals of the both advertisers and publishers of online ad ecosystem and it introduces new concepts and measurement techniques for the mobile marketing literature.