The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) encourages Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to heighten their competitiveness by applying information and technology (ICT) solutions. However, MSMEs are faced with challenges, specifically, the lack of ability to be globally competitive, to develop market driven product based on customer needs, and their inability to fully leverage the benefits provided by the digital and internet economy. Today, cloud computing can be a promising alternative for MSMEs to exploit the benefits of technology. Cloud computing, particularly cloud ERP (or software as a service) has created positive impact to the operations of global enterprises. For us to better understand the factors that will influence the adoption/rejection of Cloud ERP for MSMEs, it will be grounded on Technological, Organizational, Environmental Framework and Salim’s Process-View Approach for the technology adoption process. While majority of research are descriptive studies of Cloud ERP and is viewed from a vendor’s perspective, this study will investigate the factors that influence the acceptance/rejection of Cloud ERP for MSMEs, particularly the key decision makers. This research study will use both quantitative and qualitative approach in the analysis of data. This mixed-method approach has gained popularity among IS researchers to develop novel theoretical perspective in information research.