With its immense potential for enriching communication, promoting information sharing, enabling collaboration and improving job performance, Enterprise 2.0 becomes one of the most promising technological innovations in the business domain. Although,more and more firms are implementing Enterprise 2.0 to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees in recent years. There is only a few empirical research has been performed to identify individuals’ information sharing through Enterprise 2.0. The high practical relevance and lack of research indicate the importance of this study. This study aims to apply the Attachment Theory to propose a research model that incorporates eight variables to predict individuals’ willingness of information sharing through Enterprise 2.0 applications. To test the model, structural equation modelling is employed to analyse data collected from respondents who have experience of using Enterprise 2.0 in a top-raking Chinese Internet survey platform. The findings of this research provide application designer and firm managers with effective methods to promote individuals’ willingness of information sharing through Enterprise 2.0.This research also provides a theoretical foundation for academics and practical implications for the development of Enterprise 2.0.