The undesirable consequences of ICT proliferation remains a big concern. The rise in Internet of Things (IoT) have further exacerbated security and information privacy challenges. One main reason is organizations and individuals constantly violate regulations and rules. While cybersecurity and privacy scholars accentuate on the likelihood of rule violations at the individual and organizational levels, the evidence for and discussion of this concept is still scant. This study proposes an empirical response to the Bright ICT initiative of the Association of Information System. This initiative aims to drastically eliminate adverse effect of Internet of Things (IoT). However, a robust privacy and cybersecurity model is needed. This study draws on the selective organizational information privacy and security violation model and delineate it at individual level. Specifically, attitude towards behaviour and subjective norms, contextual conditions, rule and regulatory conditions, perceived risk of violating a privacy or security rule, economic and non-economic strain constructs are hypothesized to determine the likelihood of a privacy and cybersecurity rule violation. In this context, pertinent cybersecurity literatures for IoT-enabled environment were examined to suggest solutions to reduce the dark side of IoT-enabled bright society. This paper presents the proposed model.