Personality Inventory has been applied for diverse purposes in different fields. But its utilization in Internet environment may have limits in scope and applicability due to the differences between real-life and the cyber world. This study proposes that personality in the cyber world, “E-personality,” may differ from real-life personality and requires suitable scale to measure. Currently, the five-factor model (FFM) is widely regarded as the most acceptable personality traits and well-developed personality scales NEO-PI-R, both for academic and clinical purposes. However, the plausibility of applying them in cyberspace still lacks systematic proof. This study developed an E-personality scale, modified from NEO-PI-R. It was verified with data collected from 1,109 informants recruited from university students in Taiwan. Results show the scale has sufficient reliability and validity, and a close replication of the American normative factor structure when targeted rotation was used. Overall, its reliability and factor structure were in line with results reported in other studies. The Five-factor structure is supported in online setting.