Knowledge is recognized as a key for sustainable competitive advantage. Knowledge creation and knowledge management are consequently an essential way to win in market. Learning activity from failure as well as learning from successful case may mostly be recognized as an important knowledge creation activity, which aims at preventing from repeating same failure once you experience. Most organizations, however, do poor job at due to learning from failure due to inhibit factors such as disadvantage for promotion and reward, stigma, guilty feelings. There is a unique company, which has succeeded in establishing their way to leaning from failure. Executing the learning activity, they have not repeated same failures which were once reviewed through their system. Eventually they have maintained good business performance. Employing organization learning process in the previous study to define organizational failure leaning process and a unique case in a Japanese company in this paper, we explored keys for success in the organizational learning from failure. We particularly discussed how shame feeling as inhibit factor in the organizational learning from failure was reduced and system efficacy recognition as acceleratory factor was augmented by motivators such as intrinsic knowledge sharing motivation and Organization-based self-esteem (OBSE). We eventually found that altruism, personal growth intention and sympathy were motivators in the company. And we recognized that the OBSE enhanced the intrinsic knowledge sharing motivators. Moreover, we suggested that the intrinsic knowledge sharing motivators could mediate other intrinsic motivator toward knowledge sharing behavior although it should be carefully examined through further studies.