Hedonic Information Systems (HIS) are an entertainment-oriented IS used in nonoffice environments in which a user does not have specific goals to achieve. It is fundamentally different from the traditional IS designed for goal-oriented users in either individual or organisational work settings. Despite of the importance in improving HIS, there is a lack of academic exploration in context-specific HIS quality in a comprehensive manner. Drawing from a balanced thinking-feeling model and a theory of flow and telepresence theory, we explore the attributes of HIS quality. The Repertory Grid Interview technique (RGT) is used to interview 20 participants who have online gaming experience and 12 factors are identified. Our results show that HIS quality is a multifaceted concept that consists of not only utilitarian, but also hedonic and social features. This study is among the first to use a qualitative approach to comprehensively explore the attributes of HIS from user perspectives.