Thesis Plagiarism Detection System By Using Rabin- Karp Algorithm

Siti Ramadhani
Eka Pandu Cynthia


Plagiarism has been one of the subject penalties in final assignment then the form punishment in a reprimand to cancellation of certificates for those who have passed. Efforts should be made to prevent plagiarism to detect the occurrence of plagiarism by using string matching algorithm, as like Boyer Moore, Brute Forte, Knuth Morris Pratt (KMP), and Rabin-Karp. The simple and effective algorithm is Rabin-Karp algorithm. This algorithm k-gram function is used to determine the length piece of the pattern string and a hash function is to change the pattern string into a numerical and then comparing degree of similarity with the text comparison. Plagiarism detection is done by comparing the sample pieces of the source text and samples text for comparing. Testing process is conducted in five stages: preprocessing, tokenizing k-gram, hasing, fingerprint and calculating percentage of similarity. The result is value of comparison similarity percentage text of A and B as well as text A and C on the score of k-grams are 3, 4 and 5. The smaller score of K-grams then the greater degree of similarity, namely on the score of k-value g = 3 with of 19,21% similarity to text comparison A and B then 20,67 for comparison A and C text.