The video games sector, an information technology-enabled services (ITES) industry, has rapidly expanded over the last four decades. In the Philippines, which is now one of the top destinations for ITES in the world, industry experts predict a ten-fold increase in the number of game developers, from 1,391 in 2011 to 15,000 by the end of 2016. This research-in-progress aims to investigate the main psychosocial concerns of game developers and the process by which they address these concerns. To do so, we use the Glaserian (or classic) grounded theory methodology (GTM). Results of the study can help game development organizations improve work processes or working conditions that could lead to greater productivity and quality, and schools in the design and development of curricula. Preliminary results show that four themes characterize game developers’ concerns and experiences. They are fulfilling life, struggling endeavor, learning experience, and dreaming.