Transformational government (t-government) emerges from the evolution of e-government to become more citizen-focused while recognizing the need for fundamental changes of governance. Citizen-centric is a central concept being coined together with t-government implementation and it is proposed as a remedial justification in solving e-government implementation issues. However, although commonly used, the exact definition of citizen-centricity has not been established yet. The research sets out to produce a demand model that outlines the basic principles of citizen-centricity to implement t-government systems. A qualitative approach is undertaken to establish elements of citizen-centric t-government and model citizen-centricity through theory building method. To develop the model, this study has gone through exploratory and confirmatory phases that include studies using literature analysis, expert interview and multi-stakeholders interview method. Four components have been proposed as citizen-centric demand requirements that can benefit the supply side in conducting requirement gathering and designing of t-government systems.