Internet of things (IoT) as a new technology. On the other hand, IT engineers became a captive of "me to desire" by cases of other companies that introduced new technologies. However, due to the shortage of insufficient building and using information technology (IT) skills and undeveloped information system architecture, many companies cannot appreciate the utility that the information system should bring. When deciding to adopt new technology, many corporations need a framework for considering the availability of new technology. Therefore, this paper presents a diagnostic decision-making framework for answering whether to adopt a new technology just now. The scheme is consisted with balanced scorecard, IT infrastructure library and COBIT, and uses three indexes, defined by the penalty of change as a function of cost and time, such as MIS flexibility, meaning ease of change defined as a critical success factor, MIS reward as a key performance indicator, and MIS value as an important goal indicator. And, this framework presents a thinking process and criteria for deciding whether to develop information systems in-house, to purchase as a product, or to customize a ready-made software to the needs of the company. In order to make the discussion concrete, this paper uses IoT as an example of new technology.