This paper highlights information systems development of a mobile decision support system application that monitors real-time container terminal operations. Previous information systems studies have argued lack of information and communication in the container port regarding its managerial operations and flow of information among port stakeholders. Their endeavours do not provide any efficient systems for monitoring the container terminal operations. To address this problem, in this study, we adopted a design thinking approach for identifying possible requirements of the multiple stakeholders and generated several prototypes on it. As a result, Mob-Desctop was developed as a mobile application solution. It makes three contributions. First, it empirically conducts an information system project to enable users to monitor the real-time of container terminal operations. Second, it practically seeks to solve the top managers’ information flow problems in container terminals. Third, it methodologically enhances the body of knowledge of decision support systems researchers and practitioners of how they could invite a design thinking approach and application development in information systems development.