The proliferation of the social activities in the social media platform in the Philippines created an avenue for business entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunity to expand their markets and to attract online consumers, thus social commerce has emerged as the new era of e-commerce. The importance of social commerce has been widely explored in recent literature in understanding the several factors influencing the intention of the consumer to purchase online. However, there is a lack of studies here in the Philippines on how social interactions affect the intention of the individuals to engage in social commerce specifically in a Facebook platform. The study aims to examine the social interaction of Filipino consumers as for how this would affect their online purchasing behavior by conceptualizing the constructs of WOM communication and observing other consumer’s purchases and examining their impacts on the intention to purchase, actual purchase and post-purchase behavior. The study collected 125 responses from the surveyed online consumers. The study resulted that the positive valence WOM and observing other consumer’s purchases significantly affect consumers’ intention to purchase a product, leading to the opportunity of actual purchase and sharing of product information with peers on social commerce platform.