In recent years, digital learning has received more attention from the field of education, and many schools in Taiwan have begun to introduce the cloud-computing classroom platform as another learning environment for students. However, as there remains a lack of research on fit and performance in the cloud-computing classroom, this study attempts to explore students’ views and effects when using the cloud-computing classroom. The research methods include case study and survey. Case study involved interviews with 18 students regarding their motivations and usage of the Ming Chuan University cloud-computing classroom. Based on the interview results, this study proposed three propositions, which were converted to three hypotheses. We collected data from a field survey and our results showed that (1) the user’s needs positively and affect the perceived fit; (2) the user’s usage of the cloud-computing classroom positively and affects the perceived fit; (3) the perceived fit in the usage of the cloud-computing classroom positively and affect user performance. Implications for academic researchers and practitioners are discussed.