Technology adoption has received a great deal of research attention in information systems. While the results are quite consistent in workplace settings, only limited attention has been paid to assessing the conditions – e.g., adopters, context – that influence relationships in existing models. Cyberinfrastructure -- integrated computing, storage, and collaborative infrastructure – represents an under explored technology. Likewise, the adopters of this technology, i.e., researchers, represent an under explored audience for technology adoption. In order to understand the factors influencing adoption of this technology by these users, we employ an open-ended interview among members of a scientific research community. The goal of the interview is to elicit researchers’ beliefs in order to understand the reasons they do and do not choose to participate in cyberinfrastructure projects. The focus of this research is one particular cyberinfrastructure known as the iPlant Collaborative. The results of this research-in-progress will contribute to the literature on technology adoption and provide valuable guidance for research institutes and governments that fund large-scale cyberinfrastructure projects to support multi-disciplinary collaborative research.


Technology Adoption, Theory of Planned Behaviour, Cyberinfrastructure, Interview


ISBN: [978-1-86435-644-1]; Research-in-progress paper