MIS Quarterly Executive


How can an enterprise manage strategically using an IT-intensive business model in a highly turbulent environment? How can it take best advantage of IT to enhance its dynamic capabilities in hyper-growth conditions? How can the CIO help lead the enterprise to managing online in conditions of rapid business change? We liken this situation to managing online in perpetual “perfect storms.”This paper draws on the experiences and insights of IndyMac Bank to answer these questions. IndyMac is an IT-intensive mortgage bank that works in a rapidly changing environment. It conducts most of its business online, and has grown at a compounded rate of 41% since 1999. Even though it is a relatively small company, IndyMac changed the rules of the staid mortgage industry by its innovative use of IT and by cleverly weaving IT into the fabric of its business ecosystem. In the process, it learned how to manage online and gain strategic advantage while working in perpetual perfect storms.