MIS Quarterly Executive


The premier real-world roll-out of new information technologies excites an industry. The METRO Group's Future Store (FS) by a group of companies organized as the Future Store Initiative (FSI) is such a roll-out. It demonstrates how to significantly change today's worldwide shopping, retailing, and value chain logistics. METRO Group is the world's fourth largest retailer. With headquarters in Duesseldorf, Germany, it employs 240,000 staff in 28 countries. About one-half its revenue comes from food retailing. FS is based on state-of-the art content integration technologies, which connect, integrate, and exploit content sources along the value chain and on all content devices in the store. In addition, the value chain processes have been adapted to seamlessly operate in real time and without bothering consumers with technical constraints. FS sets national and international standard, and provides lessons on content integration for CIOs in a range of industries.