While many authors focus on the outcome of information systems (IS) investments, this paper explores management practices that support the deployment of IS investments so they can ultimately create value to the organisation. Such practices are defined as value management practices that facilitate the identification, creation and capture of value in the deployment of IS investments. Very limited academic research has been oriented towards the identification of such value management practices. Moreover, the limited results are fragmented as many scholars investigate one single practice in isolation. Practitioner frameworks emerged in an attempt to integrate multiple value management practices, yet organisations still struggle with getting such practices and frameworks implemented and embedded into their organisations. In an attempt to contribute to the scarce literature, this research has executed a literature review and exploratory case study to identify and clearly define multiple individual value management practices. These findings are structured within the context of a conceptual framework that previously has been employed by IS scholars. As a result, the practices are categorised into structures, processes and relational mechanisms and together constitute a new value management framework. In addition, this framework portrays the organisational level on which each value management practice can be operational, i.e. at individual IS investment level, portfolio level or enterprise level. By doing so, the value management framework creates a clear vision on the coherence and interrelationship of value management practices which might help organisations in the deployment and value creation of IS investments.