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Journal of the Southern Association of Information Systems

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As technology becomes more pervasive, it is more accessible to use anytime, anywhere. Although technology has been a savior in many respects, there is a need for awareness of the potential for excessive and problematic technology use (PTU). Prompted by an increase in anxiety, stress, and feelings of isolation, some individuals may be more prone to PTU than others. If not recognized, PTU may become associated with obesity, sleeplessness, a decline in social skills, and deficient performance at school and work. The information systems literature has indicated that a variety of information technology artifacts can lead to PTU. The focus of this research will be to examine the antecedents of PTU, with an emphasis on IS continued use and personality traits. The value of this study is in addressing awareness, recognition, and prevention of PTU and proposing possible factors to consider in regulating the use of technology. The results suggest a significant and positive association between PTU and Information Systems continuance, habit, and personality traits of introversion and neuroticism.