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This work provides an overview of Generation X, Y (Millennials), and Z and their characteristics in academia. We present the ways that mobile technology is infused into their lifestyle. We reference how Generation Y and Z in particular expect technology to be integrated into their educational experience, as well as how it helps faculty to facilitate both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Furthermore, an overview is provided of how technology currently contributes to learning and provides a framework for how educators can better engage current students. The conceptual academic technology framework (ATF) put forth in this work will provide an immediate impact in several key areas. This framework enhances structure during course design, which may be based directly on learning outcomes and department/school objectives. It will also directly improve consistency in faculty/student communication by closely monitoring how changes in communication methods have evolved. Finally, we describe how to integrate technology in a meaningful way, in a manner that does not distract students while preparing them for careers in business.