The Journal of the Southern Association for Information Systems


The editors of the Journal of the Southern AIS are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 6 Issue 1.

In this issue we have two excellent papers from Alper Yayla and Yu Lei and from Rene Moquin, Paige Rutner and Laurie Giddens. Yayla and Lei investigate point out that the interaction between structure and agency is not linear in progression but is chaotic and re-examine IT related change from a complexity theory standpoint. They propose a new framework based in dissipative structure theory composed of four stages that occur during the implementation process.

Moquin, Rutner and Giddens investigate the impact of perceptions of the IT organization on organizational cohesion and effectiveness. They explore stigmatization and stereotyping that occurs between IT professionals and users. They found that interpersonal relationships during situations of stress, cultural differences and expectations can result in perceptions of differentness which negatively affect organization cohesion and performance.

Michael Cuellar, Editor