Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS)


A systematic mapping study is a type of secondary study with the goal of providing an overview of a subject as it is reported in primary studies. A systematic map often describes research trends over time, uncovers possible research gaps and focus points, and provides a synthesis of the chosen subject. We believe that while a systematic mapping study should not be the sole research method for a researcher, it is a noteworthy candidate for one of the first research methods in a researcher's career. In this study, we argue for and against utilizing a systematic mapping study as one of the first research methods in information systems research and provide accessible guidelines for conducting a systematic mapping study. Although these instructions are for educators, we have strived to communicate these guidelines for an undergraduate or graduate thesis writer by providing examples of other mapping studies, giving our opinions on the numbers of primary studies regarding each step of the mapping process to manage a feasible workload, and presenting hints and tips on applicable tools.




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