Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS)


Wearable technologies have become a popular consumer product for health, entertainment, etc., but the use of such wearables in the workplace is still somewhat new. Wearables also offer the potential to provide benefits for both employer and employee in the workplace but the implementation of such technologies creates privacy implications that may affect worker attitudes. Wearable types can take many forms but this study focuses on RFID wearables due to their low cost, proven durability and reusability (Zhu & Hou, 2020). This research investigates the use of RFID wearables in the context of a corporate environment. Utilizing privacy boundary research, findings show that while being monitored negatively impacts employee satisfaction, this satisfaction further varies based on the voluntary nature of the implementation and the gender of the employee. Findings suggest that greater transparency in implementation may alleviate some of the negative aspects of implanting such technologies in the workplace.




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