Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS)


Health Information Systems (HIS) and Health Information Technology (HIT) have experienced significant growth in use and improved functionality in recent years. The global HIS/HIT market is estimated to grow exponentially in value by 2020. This growth in market size is largely attributable to three key factors: 1) the need for disruptive solutions to challenge the spiraling cost of healthcare, 2) the increased penetration into new markets of healthcare related systems, and 3) the increasing demand for personalized medicine driven by the availability of novel, real-time data streams not previously experienced in the healthcare domain. This short article explores these three aspects of HIS/HIT. In order to achieve meaningful advances in people's health through the provision of new technologies, a more integrated and holistic approach is needed in the design and implementation of HIS. The increasing costs of healthcare coupled with the heightened expectations of stakeholders continues to place increasing pressure on those tasked with delivering new health technologies that are ‘fit for purpose’ in respective healthcare settings. More attention needs to be given to understanding the cost of healthcare and how HIS/HIT may create value in healthcare services.