One of the core competencies of Information Systems Professionals – as compared to computer and business professionals – is the ability to produce models of an enterprise as a foundation for the Information Systems development and management; this is understood as “Enterprise Modelling” or “Business Process Modelling”. This long-standing competency is based in a set of modelling techniques, with numerous categories or ontologies, and procedures. As most of Enterprise Modelling Languages and methods are developed in the pre-millennium shrift period, such methods could not account for the current developments of businesses, organizations and their use of digital technologies. These developments include, yet are not limited to, the massive ‘servitiation’ of offerings provided both by businesses and public organizations; the adoption of various digital technologies, such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, the practices of Open Source, Open Platforms, and Open API:s; the use of Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learnings, Block-Chain technologies, and Algorithmic management of operations. A core question for the existing Enterprise and Business Modelling approaches is whether these need to be modified in order to account for and benefit from the listed developments. This Track invites therefore all contribution to the development of the knowledge and practice of Enterprise Modelling for Information Systems Development.

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A Constraint-Based Approach for Managing Declarative Temporal Business Process Models

Andrés Jiménez-Ramírez
Irene Barba
Carmelo Del Valle

An Improved Associative Classification Algorithm based on Incremental Rules

Mohamed Salem Almnnaee
Fadi Thabtah
Joan Lu

An Infrastructure Modeling Approach for Multi-Cloud Provisioning

Julio Sandobalin
Emilio Insfran
Silvia Abrahao

Barriers to Open-Source Software Adoption: Review and Synthesis

Dmitrij Petrov
Nikolaus Obwegeser, Aarhus University

Factors of Risk Reduction in Agile and Lean Enabled Governance of IT Project Portfolios

Goran Banjanin
Vjeran Strahonja

On the Influence of Tools on Collaboration in Participative Enterprise Modeling – An Experimental Comparison between Whiteboard and Multi-Touch Table

Anne Gutschmidt