Selected Papers of the IRIS, Issue Nr 8 (2017)


Recently, virtual realities or immersive virtual environments (IVEs) has gained increasing attention. Yet, IS-researchers have paid little attention to the implications of IVEs in a work context. The objective of this paper is thus to understand how the use of IVEs may impact our workplace, and how we feel present in them. Theoretically, we build on Bauman’s concept of liquid modernity and the concepts of point-of-view and presence. We substantiate our literature review by analysing newspaper articles. Based on these insights, we argue that because work is performed in more fragmented workplaces we are going from a more collective to individual feeling of presence in the workplace. The first contribution is to close the knowledge gap that exists in the academic literature on IVEs in a work context. Second, practitioners will have a better understanding of the changes IVEs have on workplaces and how we feel present in them.