Institution Name

University of Kassel

College Name

Research Center for IS Design (ITeG)

Department Name

Institute of Information Systems



AIS Region

Region 2

University Full Postal Address:

Pfannkuchstraße 1 Kassel, Hessen, 34121 Germany

Short University Description

Description of the chair: Our goal is to understand, and design Information Systems (IS) in application context and research, considering implementation, utilization, and maintenance aspects as well as strategic business opportunities. IS is characterized by its closeness to application, design orientation, and economic, technical, and social integration. Our graduates with are in high demand, both in initial training and further education. The associated chair holder is Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister, who holds the chair of Information Systems since 2008 at the University of Kassel.

Program Highlights

Programs: Our teaching program comprises theory-based, application-oriented, project-based, and case-based training in the main area of IS for Bachelor's and Master's students in Economics and for Computer Science students in the application area of Socio-Technical System Design. The aim is to train flexible and team-oriented graduates who can apply their specialist knowledge in practice and master scientific approaches. The teaching concept integrates current research results and enables students to work on research questions and projects in Bachelor's and Master's theses. Research and teaching objective: The main objective of our program is the close integration of teaching and research by theoretical principles and methods in the courses and integrating current research results. In addition, services and further training are offered for students. Regular course evaluations are carried out to ensure quality and improve the courses on offer, the results of which are available to students.

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Jan Marco Leimeister,