International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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Despite the adoption of social media in many business operations, evidence suggests that the usage of social media for project management activities is scarce. Through this literature review, the paper seeks to clarify the scope of the available knowledge, highlight the significance of new research agendas and address the principal reason for the limited use of social media in project management. A literature review was conducted to analyze the benefits of using social media in project management along with the areas in which it is used, the threats, barriers and enablers of social media adoption. Key areas where social media is used in project management include requirements management, communication management, policymaking, knowledge management and collaboration. Social media usage has shown to improve information sharing, engagement and relationships. Threats include a negative impact on reputation, employee productivity and information privacy. The reviewed literature highlights that the lack of a social media adoption strategy is the principal reason for the limited use of social media in project management. This study contributes to both the project management practice and literature by introducing a model for social media adoption in project management.



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