International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management


Published four times per year, in the last week of each trimester, the IJISPM offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of information systems management and project management, seeking contributions that build on established lines of work, as well as on new research streams. Particularly seeking multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, and focusing on currently emerging issues, the journal welcomes both pure and applied research that impacts theory and practice.

The journal content provides relevant information for researchers, practitioners, and organizations, and includes original qualitative or quantitative articles, as well purely conceptual or theoretical articles. Due to the integrative and interdisciplinary nature of information systems and project management, the journal may publish articles from a number of other disciplines, including strategic management, psychology, organizational behavior, sociology, economics, among others. Articles are selected for publication based on their relevance, rigor, clarity, novelty, and contribution to further development and research.

Authors are encouraged to submit articles on information technology governance, information systems planning, information systems design and implementation, information technology outsourcing, project environment, project management life-cycle, project management knowledge areas, criteria and factors for success, social aspects, chief information officer role, chief information officer skills, project manager role, project manager skills, among others.

IJISPM has open access, having the users the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the published articles, if not for commercial purposes. The journal does not charge authors, readers or their institutions for publication or access.

The journal offers comprehensive coverage of information systems management and project management.
The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • information technology governance
  • information systems governance
  • information systems planning
  • information systems design and implementation
  • information technology outsourcing
  • enterprise architecture
  • information systems management tools
  • information systems department
  • project environment
  • project management life-cycle
  • project initiation
  • project planning
  • project execution
  • project control and monitoring
  • project closing
  • project management knowledge areas
  • scope management
  • time management
  • cost management
  • quality management
  • procurement management
  • risk management
  • communication management
  • human resources management
  • criteria and factors for success
  • social aspects
  • performance teams
  • chief information officer role
  • information technology leadership role
  • chief information officer skills
  • project manager role
  • project manager skills
  • portfolio management
  • program management
  • management of complex information systems projects
  • tools and techniques
  • contracts
  • project evaluation
  • project management office
  • audits
  • managing organization - structure and responsibilities
  • conflict management
  • ethics
  • innovation

Special issues devoted to important specific topics will be evaluated and occasionally published.