International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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Megaprojects have been associated with persistent underperformance technically, financially, socially and environmentally. This underperformance has been attributed to the inherent complexity attributes and the gaps in the form of the mismatch in the project management competences and processes used by the project management teams to deal with the complexity attributes. This study seeks to investigate the performance implications of these complexity attributes to recommend suitable management competences for the successful delivery of megaprojects. This conceptual study used an integrative literature review to analyze and synthesize findings from existing scientific articles related to the complexity constructs based on a comparative assessment of Information Technology (IT) and construction megaprojects. The Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Theory was also used to highlight some of the factors that influence megaproject performance towards identifying suitable management processes and competences, which are required to deal with megaprojects complexity. The key findings include a nomenclature of the main complexity attributes, their implications on the performance of IT and construction megaprojects, and, lastly, the management competences and processes that are required to deal with the complexity attributes for improved megaproject performance. The main limitation of this study is the inability to link the management competences and processes to specific complexity attributes. This is addressed in a broader research program for a future follow-up study.



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