International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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Project documentation represents a valuable source of knowledge in project-based organizations. The practical reality is, however, that the knowledge codified in project documents is hardly re-used in future projects. A central problem in this context is the extensive amount of usually textual material. As a consequence, computer-assisted processes are indispensable in order to analytically manage the constantly growing and evolving databases of available project documents. The goal of this study is to summarize the current research focusing on the computer-assisted reuse of textually codified project knowledge and to define the corresponding state-of-the-art in this this specific field of information systems research. As a result of a literature review, this study structures the body of research contributions and outlines what kinds of computer-assisted techniques are incorporated, what practical application areas these solutions address, and in what business domains they are applied. In particular, this should point out research opportunities and thereby make a contribution to the further development of knowledge management in project environments.



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