International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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This paper presents the findings of an in-depth survey to examine the current status of enterprise information management (EIM) in organizations. The survey explores five key areas: drivers and capabilities of EIM; current status of EIM strategies; EIM content and technologies; EIM and compliance; and the changing role of the information professional. The survey reveals that the drivers for EIM cannot be simply reduced to a series of technical or organizational needs and that EIM is a complex sociotechnical phenomenon. A fine balance is required to achieve business performance objectives whilst at the same time also meeting conformance requirements. To date, few organizations have implemented enterprise-wide EIM strategies; however those who do have them are better able to keep track of, and achieve, performance objectives. In terms of technologies and content the landscape is complex with organizations focusing their efforts into managing and reducing this complexity. Finally information management work is changing; the survey reveals EIM as a multi-stakeholder activity requiring the combination of a wide range of professional groups, skills and knowledge. The survey findings provide the basis for further research investigations in supporting organization in their EIM initiatives.



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