International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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As one of the leading causes of project failures, requirements changes are inevitable in any software project. Hence, we propose an intelligent approach to facilitate the risk analysis of a change request by providing information about past cases found in similar change requests, the solutions adopted, and a support tool. The proposed approach uses case-based reasoning to retrieve previous cases similar to the current case. This approach also uses association rules to analyze patterns in the dataset and calculate the probability of risks associated with change requests. We prepared a case study to validate the proposal by analyzing the most frequent challenges in change management and considering how it can solve or minimize such problems. Results show that the proposed approach successfully assists decision-making, predicts potential risks, and suggests coherent solutions to the user. We have developed a support tool to evaluate this approach in practice with experts and obtained four different outcomes. Only a small set of cases failed to provide relevant results to the user. The use of case-based reasoning and association rules has proven to be advantageous in change management despite validity threats associated with the small number of test cases and experts involved.



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