International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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As companies try to maintain and strengthen their competitive advantage, they should be aware of the level of their digital maturity. The study aims to present a methodology that helps to determine the position of a small and medium-sized enterprise in the digital maturity life-cycle. This is performed on the basis of maturity and digital maturity models, and company growth theories. A number of studies and models have been prepared to determine digital maturity on the basis of various sectoral criteria, but these are all one-dimensional. The study therefore proposes a multi-dimensional model for determining the digital maturity life-cycle of small and medium-sized enterprises that takes into account companies’ digital maturity, the IT intensity of various sectors and their organizational characteristics. The model defines five maturity levels together with their relevant characteristics, classified into three levels in terms of data- information. It can help small and medium-sized enterprises adopt more accurate decisions regarding areas in need of development.



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