International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management

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When higher-level management of a company has strategically decided to adopt Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as a Cloud Computing (CC) delivery model, decision-makers at lower hierarchy levels still need to decide whether they want to post-adopt PaaS for building or running an information system (IS) – a decision that numerous companies are currently facing. This research analyzes the influential factors of this managerial post-adoption decision on the IS-level. A survey of 168 business and IT professionals investigated the influential factors of this PaaS post-adoption decision. The results show that decision-makers’ perceptions of risks inhibit post-adoption. Vendor trust and trialability reduce these perceived risks. While competitive pressure increases perceived benefits, it does not significantly influence PaaS post-adoption. Controversially, security and privacy, cost savings, and top management support do not influence post-adoption, as opposed to findings on company-level adoption. Subsamples constructed by the form of post-adoptive use (migration of IS, enhancement of IS, new IS development) exhibit better goodness-of-fit measures than the full sample. Future research should explore this interrelation of the form of post-adoptive use and the post-adoption influence factors.



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