ISBN for ICIS2018 Proceedings 978-0-9966831-7-3, this is for all tracks and all articles (excluding TREOs and Paper-a-thon). Please contact with proof of purchase for pay- per view articles.

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Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new business models
Business, data, and process modeling
Conference Track: Bridging the Internet of People, Data, and Things
Cyber-security, privacy, and ethics of IS
Data Science and predictive analytics
Design Science
E-Business and E-Government
Economics and IS
General IS Topics
Governance, Strategy, and Value of IS
Human Behavior and IS
Human-Computer/Robot Interaction
Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Transformation
IS Curriculum and Education
IS Development and Project Management
IS for a green and sustainable world
IS in Healthcare
IS Research Methods, Theorizing, and Philosophy
IT implementation, Adoption, and Use
Panel Discussions
A paper-a-thon event was held on-site during ICIS2018. These one-page summaries are the outcomes from this event.
Practice-Oriented Demand-driven IS
Service Science
Sharing Economy and Crowd Markets
Social Media and Digital Collaboration
Societal Impact of IS & the future of work
TREO (Technology Research, Education, and Opinion) Talks
TREO (Technology Research, Education, and Opinion) Talks will be included for the first time at ICIS 2018. They provide attendees a new opportunity to present their research ideas, education innovations, or opinion papers related to any area of information systems (IS) or information technology (IT). TREO Talks submissions will be 1-page abstracts that will be editorially reviewed to ensure that they are IS related and appropriate in nature. Accepted TREO Talks abstracts will be presented at a TREO Talks session on the first day of the conference prior to the opening reception (Thursday, for ICIS 2018).