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Sunday, December 13th
12:00 AM

Alternative Views of ICT & TIME: An Application of Scenario Analysis and Platform Theory

Gregory Gimpel, Georgia State University

12:00 AM

Crocodiles in the Regulatory Swamp: Navigating The Dangers of Outsourcing, SaaS and Shadow IT

Daniel Gozman, Henley Business School
Leslie Willcocks, London School of Economics

12:00 AM

Designing the digital workplace of the future – what scholars recommend to practitioners

Sebastian Köffer, University of Münster

12:00 AM

Digital Ecodynamics in Small Firms: Using Information Technology to Compete

Yolande Chan, Queen's University
Suchit Ahuja, Queen's University

12:00 AM

Post-Project Benefits Management in Large Organizations – Insights of a Qualitative Study

Martin Semmann, University of Hamburg
Tilo Boehmann, University of Hamburg

12:00 AM

Successfully Implementing Enterprise Content Management: Lessons Learnt from a Financial Service Provider

Sven Laumer, University of Bamberg
Christian Maier, University of Bamberg
Tim Weitzel, University of Bamberg

12:00 AM

Using IT to Unleash the Power of Strategic Improvisation

Nadège Levallet, Ohio University College of Business
Yolande Chan, Queen's School of Business

12:00 AM

Which are the Most Effective Measures for Improving Employees’ Security Compliance?

Martin Kretzer, University of Mannheim
Alex Mädche, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

12:00 AM