In academia, business process management (BPM) in general is a major topic in teaching and research for many universities worldwide with large research institutions and professorships centered on this topic. However, currently most educational programs on BPM only address actual process management capabilities and do not provide sufficient insight into different industrial sectors and their individual needs with regard to BPM. Banks for example have very specific requirements for BPM (e.g. compliance, risk management, industrialization etc.). As a result, we developed a specialization module combined with a project seminar on the topic of BPM in the financial sector for the Bachelor program in Information Systems at the University of Muenster, Germany. In this article, we argue for its necessity, present the intention behind it and its justification, as well as draft the actual course procedure, while also illuminating the results of our first evaluation of the 1-year Bachelor specialization module. With this paper, we aim at providing other lecturers with reasonable insights and our experiences in setting up a business sector oriented BPM specialization module.