Consumer purchasing patterns has been affected by COVID-19 health Crisis. Thus, companies must adapt to this change by focusing on understanding the different variables affecting the post pandemic purchase intentions of consumers. Therefore, the basic objective of this study is the development of an integrated framework to investigate the impact of the colors used for products on online advertisement and the consumer personality on the purchase intention of customers in the context of post pandemic. This study will also focus on highlighting the moderating role of age and gender on the relationship between the three constructs. Data were collected from customers of 53 Moroccan textile companies operating in the E-commerce industry. The data was analyzed, and the theoretical model was validated using Partial least square (PLS) and structural equation model (SEM). The findings show that: the color of the product displayed in the advertisement has a high impact on the purchase intention of consumers; the personality of the consumer impact positively the purchase intention of the consumer, and finally, color of the product displayed on the advertisement has a bigger impact on the purchase intention of young people than old people while age doesn’t have any significant impact on the relationship between personality and purchase intention. The contribution of this study is to emphasize the roles of understanding the use of colors in advertising and the personality of the consumer, during the post pandemic, on consumer purchasing intention, for companies to innovate and differentiate their offered advertisements to meet the needs and survive the crisis.