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Pei-Shan Wu

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This paper presents a review among how scholarly research on Fintech trends relationships has evolved over the past years by conducting a bibliometric citation. This literature analysis was based on the publication journals and articles in the ISI Web of Science databases. We show the impact of cited journals, key articles and outline possible future research avenues. Also, we map how the top publications are related in terms of their citation relationships and identify six different research fields, or lines of enquiry: (1) Payments, (2) Insurance, (3) Deposit & Lending, (4) Capital Raising, (5) Investment Management, (6) Market Provisioning. The study explores rankings of fintech-related journals list the first six journals had contributed eighty percentage of published papers, and concerned with the roles of information and communication technologies in the economy and society. Focusing on the research frontiers in finance, our paper identifies emerging research trends. We highlight possible pathways for researchers to build on existing knowledge and pursue opportunities for innovative and exciting new research contributing to an expansion of the research frontiers.