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Due to the common, most enterprises have utilized information technology (IT) to enhance their competition and performance. Meanwhile, governments in Taiwan have encouraged enterprises to adapt e-commerce by putting policies and facilitating technology. Nevertheless, only few literatures discuss or evaluate the satisfaction of E-SCM after establishing information systems by enterprises. This research attempts to integrate three well-founded theories – Information System Success model (ISS), Organization Justice Theory and Consumer Value to develop our model. Using Structural Square Modeling (SEM) analysis performed on results of a questionnaire given to the providers of SCM who have established the E-SCM in their enterprises. The results showed that the distributive justice, procedural justice and interactive justice in the organization justice theory have a significant effect on the performance outcome in the E-SCM. It also showed that the system and service quality in the IS success model and the cost and service value in shopping value have a significant effect on the satisfaction of the E-SCM. The contribution of this study can be further research in academic and practical.