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Today, companies are demanding more than just access to data. They want processed and refined information that will help them to reach more effective tactical decisions. With the global deployment of computers, inter-connecting network, mobile devices, and information architecture, participants can work collaboratively by sharing networked resources, and exchanging knowledge in order to improve corporate performance. The collaboration/cooperation feature is especially important in today’s supply chain practices. Under this paradigm shift, information-oriented productivity depends on the sharing of knowledge and skills among workers. Therefore, supply chain strategies can be driven by the collective intelligence and competence to meet today’s business challenges that enable organizational learning. Management of organizational knowledge for creating business values and generating competitive advantages is critical for organizational development. In other words, it is related to the efficient integration of enterprise system, e-business application framework, and knowledge portal in order to achieve the goal of a learning organization and a supply chain. co-evolving This paper focuses on the design of an enterprise knowledge portal in a supply chain scheme for today’s business. The ultimate goal is to develop a technological framework for a knowledge network that brings people, information, technologies, business processes, and organizational strategies together to better utilize knowledge in e-business. The benefits of knowledge portal in today’s e-supply chain collaboration will not only expand the learning capabilities of workers. It will also help supply chain trading partners to develop a more concrete vision and strategy for enhancing their market values.