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Many Internet users perceive that there is a large risk to their privacy and security when they buy products and services or submit personal information online. Although the perception of risk may be greater than the actual risk, it is still a cause for concern. An e-business must address customers’ perceived risk just as much as any actual risks. In other words, the issue of trust is fundamental as security and privacy issues are of major concern for many users. Customers are looking for security policies and procedures businesses are implementing and their responsibilities in keeping customer information secure.

This paper deals with trust e-businesses can create through their websites. A comprehensive set of criteria had been used to evaluate Web sources with a high level of meticulousness. Criteria include accuracy, authority, currency, scope, and relevance. A methodology has been developed and two main industries actively operating in e-business within Australia, namely, the Banking and Retail industries have been chosen. Under each industry, two businesses were identified and sources evaluated. It is presumed that using such criteria would help to gain customers confidence. Findings are reported.