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Many recruiters use the web for job placements, to help organisations quickly reach the correct audience by posting available positions on the Internet and providing a way for candidates to submit resumes electronically. Recruitment agencies find this an efficient and effective way to establish a connection between employer (client organisation) and job seeker (candidate). It is a fast, flexible, inexpensive way to find potential organisations/candidates. Content analysis is used in this study to evaluate recruitment agency web sites. The online recruitment agencies web sites are categorised into two groups: IT specialists, and the more general recruitment agencies web sites covering a wide range of industries. We evaluate and compare the New Zealand web sites of seven IT specialist recruitment agencies and eleven general ones. The fundamental elements for a fully functional electronic evaluation model based on the Hersey model (as cited in [5]) were defined. The results showed that although the sites scored well on the Information and Trust dimensions, they preformed relatively poorly in transaction capability and in providing promotional elements.