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The financing field of Taiwan facing a violent variation t in the recent years, a series of financing revolution and of lifting the ban of laws and decrees has brought forth a turning point of the existence for the line of finance. Only the financing unit may properly use the high-tech data, can an effective benefit be obtained, especially, the merger between financing units as well as crisscross sales, that reduce unnecessary expenditures of overhead for traders, and that transfer the saving cost and manpower into the product service corresponding with the demand of customer’s design to enhance the clients satisfaction and loyalty.

In the year of Internet, CRM is the lifeblood to maintain the resource of customers for enterprises in the future; if an excellent relationship can be established with the customer, it shall be won their loyalties. The mobile communication with unlimited time and space, such a characteristic may develop the customer service into a maximum extent and let the users obtain the service easily.

A mobile bank cooperated by each bank to promote the value-added service may provide with an intelligent mobile-phone system for transfers, inquiries, and payment. Through the cellular phone, it can be directly to contact with the bank to proceed with the balance inquiry, checking the particulars of transaction and the payment and transfers, as if it has a potable, private, confidential, and secure ATM.

Research and development of the application with respect to the news flash provided by mobile bank, and taking the banking house loan as a topic to combine with wireless Internet tech, dealers and housing demanders are establishing a “Housing Loan Based upon the Protocol of Wireless Application”, of which the specific researching content is comprised of wireless transmission protocol, instant order to buy a house on-line, transacting the trade on-line, and integrating the system of house loan on-line.

In conclusion, look forward to provide more conveniences of instant order to purchase a house through the substantial practice, and provide the service to transact the trade on-line to decrease enterprise’s time and manpower’s cost, combining with new high-tech development to enhance the service quality and competitiveness of the enterprise.