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“The newest innovations, which we label information technologies, have begun to alter the manner in which we do business and create value, often in ways not readily foreseeable even five years ago.” [1].

The Internet is a technology that has revolutionised business and the manner in which it is conducted. Recent studies suggest that e-commerce will explode to over US$6 trillion in 2 years time.

This paper discusses how the Internet can be used in one particular facet of business: franchising. The manner in which services are provided through the use of Internet sites and the strategies by which these can be implemented are covered, examining the different types of sites, and the roles of the franchisor and franchisee in development. The benefits that can be experienced are outlined, and vary from advertising both the franchise concept and the products or services provided, improving communication between parties, and providing the opportunity for collaborative ventures.

Up until now the degree to which the Internet has been adopted by Franchises in New Zealand has been limited, with some notable exceptions. However recent surveys reveal that its acceptance is increasing, and that franchise systems recognise that the use of technology poses opportunities in the years to come.