Recent technological advances illuminate the perplexing nature of cybersecurity which prevails as a rapidly expanding scientific field and a growing social concern, alike. Despite the wide diffusion of mobile technologies and wireless Internet connectivity, fundamental challenges and gaps still exist in terms of end-users’ cybersecurity awareness, knowledge, skills, and behaviours. This study portrays a holistic understanding of cybersecurity literacy among non-experts, specifically in Wi-Fi contexts, by blending (i) innovative pedagogical approaches, (ii) professional cybersecurity frameworks, (iii) core cybersecurity knowledge areas and skills, and (iv) empirical insights gathered in the field from end-users, administrators of Wi-Fi networks, and cybersecurity experts. This four-tiered approach has informed the development of a unified model which can serve as a foundation for self-directed and personalised educational endeavours aiming to promote cybersecurity literacy among novice end-users.